Zelanos winery is in the Rose Valley, a beautiful place where the best rose oil in the world is produced. We meticulously care for 70 ha of own vineyards with the indigenous white Misket and the classic Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah.

To reflect the character of the land, we interfere as little as possible in the natural journey from grape to wine. In the vineyard the grapes are harvested entirely by hand. By selecting the most healthy and ripe bunches and, if necessary, repeating the process in a few days, we give the rest of the grapes enough time to fully ripen. Only triple-sorted grapes enter the fermentation tanks. This uncompromising philosophy goes into the wine-making itself with minimal handling and treatment so that the wine may sound natural in the bottle. This is our way of producing the best wine possible.

In our state-of-the art winery we make 10 wines in two series — Zelanos and ‘Z’. The wines are very elegant, displaying great mineral finesse, balance, texture, and compelling aromas and flavors. We believe that these wines are one of the many beautiful facets of genuine Bulgarian wine-making.

The Black Sea region sets a record of rich turbulent history and remarkable wine traditions. 

We have chosen the beautiful Stratsin Winery, located near Pomorie, revered as the center of the best white grapes terroirs in Bulgaria. 

Winter is mild, autumn is long and warm, summer is never too hot, and spring is cool. The constant breeze from the sea and the proximity of the Balkan mountains favor prolonged ripening and accumulation of complex flavors. 

The 30 hectares near the Black Sea are based around family vineyards that belonged to the grandparents of the current owners. The vineyards are on sandy, superbly drained soils that give the wines minerality and finesse.

Staro Oryahovo is a family estate, a great representative of the elegant wine style of North-Eastern Bulgaria.

The vineyards are situated close to two dams – Tsonevo and Eleshnitsa. The gentle slopes and mineral-rich soils give the wines a pronounced individual character, with the finesse attainable only in cool climates. The indigenous Bulgarian varieties such as Vrachanski Misket and Varnenski Misket beautifully combine aromatics and elegance, while the international Sauvignon Blanc is delicious, with gorgeous mouth-feel and flint-laden finish.

Midalidare is a dream built on the philosophy of synergy between men and nature. The estate is set at the heart of the gently rolling hills of Sredna gora mountain, in Mogilovo village. Hard work, endurance, respect and great passion are the heart of Midalidare. Terroir is extremely important for the character and quality of the wine. Wine is born in the vineyard: this is the philosophy of Midalidare. That is why vineyard’s management comes first. Modern expression of time-honored winemaking is what makes Midalidare wines unique. 

The new wine home of Dragomir Winery Estate is a modern, avant-garde building, which perfectly corresponds to the style of the wines – bold, expressive, individual. The winery is supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and barrels of the highest quality. 

Yet, there is more to Dragomir than external appearances. It’s the story of romance and vision of two young winemakers who wanted to change the perception of Bulgarian wines. Nataliq and her husband, Konstantin Stoev, are a couple of trained oenologists who ploughed their fifteen years of experience working for other companies into setting up their own small winery in 2009, becoming partners in business as well as life. 

As Nataliq says, “All these years we have been motivated only by the thought of creating wines with a style – with uncompromising quality, revealing thepotential of Bulgaria’s micro-regional terroir, vinified with friendly technological practices and mainly produced from local grape varieties, such as Rubin, Mavrud, Dimyat.”

Our choice winery is Zagreus, a master of Mavrud which lies right at the heart of the best Mavrud terroir just south of Plovdiv. 

Today Zagreus has 120 hectares, all close to the winery, and since 2013, it has been certified organic. Half the vineyards are planted to Mavrud, the ancient Bulgarian variety, where it’s produced in all styles from white, unusual rosé fermented in acacia barrels, via traditional reds and reserve wines aged in Bulgarian oak, to the much admired Vinica. 

Vinica uses grapes dried naturally for a couple of months, before being aged in new oak, giving a totally different face to Mavrud. 

Owner Dimitar Kostadinov says, “Mavrud is pale like Pinot Noir unless concentrated. We had to start from the beginning and learn its potential.”

We have chosen Bratanov winery as the leading producer of world-class wines representing the South Sakar Region. 

Bratanov Family Winery & Vineyards was established in 2010 by a father and his two sons, who embraced the mission to restore the ancestral tradition. 

Sustainable approach is applied in growing the vineyards. 

Since 2016 Bratanov is the first Bulgarian winery which ferments all its wines with the native microflora from the vineyards or so called wild yeasts. The result is distinctive wines with great character and balance.

Yamantiev’s winery is located in Ivaylovgrad, at the outskirts of the Eastern Rhodopes, southern Bulgaria. The Mediterranean with its ‘white wind’ is only 70 km to the south, with unique effect on the grapes’ aromatics. The area is hilly, with cinnamon-forest soils; the vineyards are entirely own plantations, about 20 years old.

Julian Yamantiev’s story goes back to his ancestors, the Bitanov brothers, who ran a company called Damiat, exporting grapes, wines and brandies to Austria and Germany. He still has certificates for gold medals they won in 1907 in London.

In 1945, the business was confiscated, as Bulgaria started its socialist detour. After things went back to normal in 1991, Julian realized that wine was his destiny. 

He worked at various wineries until 1997 to gain experience but says, “We were so ambitious, young and determined that the people calling the shots at the time decided to eliminate us by sending us to a disused winery in Ivaylovgrad. This is how we came to possess a pearl of terroir with unique climate, neatly sandwiched between three national borders. Our land and winery are exactly where the Rhodope mountains hug the ancient Thracian valley. This is really where our story began.”

Logodaj Winery produces iconic wines made from the Melnik grape, both delicious and distinctive. Established in 1994 by three entrepreneurs, the winery is located in the very heart of the Struma river valley, in the village of Logodaj. The vineyards cover more than 700 acres in the beautiful village of General Todorov, near the towns of Melnik and Rupite. 

From the very start the aim was to establish an identity for the local grapes. The inspiration of one of the partners, Peter Drosanski, led him to bring on board renowned Italian consultant Riccardo Cotarella, also a believer in saving ancient grape varieties. 

As Peter explained, “The problem with Broad-leafed Melnik is that due to its very late ripening, we were finding it difficult to source the highest quality fruit. We were working closely with Murad Ouada (of Cotarella’s team) who suggested that we pioneer the first sparkling Melnik.”

Rupel, a family-owned estate, starts a new wine story in a region which is home to very distinctive white and red wines.

Owner Pavel Gramatikov says, ‘I feel this is a place blessed by God for vines’. Pavel is originally from this region, and as with everyone here, his ancestors grew vines. 

The winery is named after the Rupel Gorge to the south, which funnels the Aegean climate into the valley. The wines include the fruit-driven Spancha range and more serious oak-matured Grammatik wines, including local varieties plus the more unusual Marselan, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese.

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